Audio Streaming

Clouds telecom audio streaming enables broadcasters of audio content such as Internet radio stations, concert promoters and traditional radio stations using services such as Shoutcast and Icecast to make their audio feeds available to anyone with a telephone. We provide free or very low cost access telephone numbers that connect directly into your radio broadcast MP3 stream. This means no software downloads, apps, 3G or Wi-fi data plans are required for your listeners to enjoy your audio shows by calling a regular french landline number from anywhere in the world.

Our services allows your distribution to expand across the entire French telecommunications network without any configuration, streaming or bandwidth requirements on your part by only using one MP3 stream no matter how many dial in listeners you have.

Free Service for your listeners

Our local dial in access numbers are included with all mobile bundled free minutes and unlimited landline calling plans.

Costs for Broadcasters


Revenue for Broadcasters

As a French carrier we are able to offer you a revenue share income for any telephone calls your service receives, even on regular geographic or non geographic 01/09 numbering. This revenue is paid on a monthly basis . Payout rates subject to agreement and minimum volumes.

To arrange a demo of our audio streaming solution or to discuss your project please contact us for further details.